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8 Best alternatives of PayPal for Online Payment

PayPal has been one of the most used and known means of payment in the world, but there are other cheaper and also best methods to make payments online. PayPal has many barriers that make it not suitable for most people for online payment. Its limitations to the Indians and from other countries is a barrier. While some countries like in the USA enjoy the services of pay pal in an easier way, differences between the PayPal and the RBI policies creates a barrier to easy access to PayPal as a payment mode in India.

The charges that PayPal enrolls on the payment mode are high as compared to the other modes of online payment. Also, reviews that are occasionally done with the payments being held up for a long time are an inconvenience to most of the users.

The following alternatives of paypal give the best services with little or no occurrence of major hindrances that makes online payments to different countries easy and also convenient.

  1. Payoneer
    Most known for being the most competitors with PayPal. It is convenient for its global outreach and many bloggers, and also marketers are able to access it at ease. The transactions charged on the payment being made are lower as compared to PayPal. With Payoneer daily withdrawals can be made are of high amounts as compared to PayPal.
  1. Skrill
    A great alternative to PayPal as the transaction fee charged are low .The convenience of withdrawing money to your bank using a credit card or a debit card is well given by skrill. This gives easier access to your money as it also offers prepaid master cards which can enable you to do the transaction using your android phone.
  1. Dwolla
    It’s an online mode of payment that has the least fee transactions on your payments. Though limited and only supported in the United States, Dwolla makes online payment easier as you can send money to twitter followers, phone numbers and also your email addresses.
  1. Google wallet
    A good alternative compared to PayPal mode payment. Google wallet gives convenience to its customers with the use of a single card as opposed to the use of a debit and a credit card. This makes sending and receiving of money more accessible.



  1. Payza
    Security to money being transferred is a great necessity with the use of any mode.Payza offers great security to money transactions and makes it possible for the account holder to be able to use a Master card to withdraw money at the ATMS.
  1. Transferwise
    For any marketer or blogger, Transferwise gives the best of all. It gives good rates in its currency conversions and also to make one enjoy and welcome them to their services, the first transaction that is worth 500 Euro there is no impaction of a transaction fee.
  1. Stripe
    Stripes accept different methods of payments including the American express, MasterCard and also a visa. The transaction fees that are imposed on payments made are low and affordable as compared to PayPal.
  1. Remitly
    The transaction fee for any amount that is above 1000 dollars is zero. A great feature that offers a good deal as you may get to transact a lot of money with fewer fees. Also, the time that this method takes to transfer is less as compared to that of PayPal, for the economy transfer, a period takes 3 to 5 days while that of express transfer is done in a matter of hours.

I will love to hear from you if there are any other easy modes available for Online Payments. Please share the same with us in comment section below.

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